Francine Houben’s team Mecanoo wins the competition for Frankfurt Grand Central Tower

The IAA Professor Francine Houben and her team Mecanoo have won the competition to design the new Frankfurt Grand Central Tower in Germany, which is going to be 140 metres in height .The location of the tower is bounded by Hafenstrasse and Adam-Riese-Strasse, on the north side of the railway.

The design consists of two buildings on a plinth, connected by a transparent plinth where residential entrances and facilities are sited.

Although the glass and copper-colored metal tower was inspired by the surrounding industrial area, the project aims to form a new identity in the region with its special sillhouette. The building widens at it rises, and the round corners gradually change into right angles. The balconies also change in position and size. On the upper levels they become continuous and here there’re glass screens that create an extra layer to the facade.

The residential tower will include flexible workspaces, retail, catering, fitness and a kindergarten. That’s how the designers of the project created a real live-work space that blends all the human functions and make them physically and functionally integrated.