Peter Zumthor reveals revised LACMA design for Los Angeles

The IAA Professor Peter Zumthor has recently revised plans for the new building of Los Angeles County museum of art. The project will house LACMA’s permanent collection.

Undergoing a series of changes over previous years, the latest version of the project will consist of seven semi-transparent concrete and glass pavilions that support an organically shaped main exhibition level with a glass facade. There will be also a new parking lot, new outdoor plazas, educational spaces, public programming, sculpture gardens, and integrated native and drought-tolerant vegetation.

According to LACMA, the required environmental studies for the project have been completed. The Final environmental impact report (FEIR), issued by  the County of Los Angeles, is also ready. The Los Angeles County board of supervisors will now meet to certify the FEIR and rubber stamp the project. After that, if approved, demolition and construction will begin in late 2019 and will probably end in 2023.