Daniel Libeskind designed Ngaren: The Museum of Humankind in Kenya

Studio Libeskind was chosen to design Ngaren: The Museum of Humankind by Richard Leakey, who is a Kenyan paleoanthropologist, conservationist and politician. The building will be sited on a cliff edge in Rift Valley, Kenya, where the scientist and his team have found a nearly complete skeleton of a Homo erectus, known as Turkana Boy.
The museum will track evolution, biodiversity, overpopulation, disease, war, the effects of climate change and the role of Africa as an epicenter of human existence over the past two million years.
Libeskind said, “The museum will be a place for discovery, wonder, and contemplation.”
The project consists of three structures: two tapered and pointed, resembling some of the earliest hand-carved tools, and one dome-shaped structure.
The author also said that he had created “a series of dramatic spaces within the museum that are architecturally dynamic and provocative, creating a unique context for the museum’s exhibitions that does not pacify artifacts, but enhances and enlivens them,”
Leakey initiated the project, hoping that it can be used to address a number problems facing the human race nowadays, such as climate change, sustainability, environmental awareness, understandings of race and ethnicity, extinction and technology.
Since Ngaren is a collaboration between Libeskind and Leakey, they both are currently crowd-sourcing for the project on Rabble.
The construction of the museum is expected to begin in 2022 and open to visitors in 2024.




More information about the project and its financing: https://www.rabbleworks.com/project/ngaren/