Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira create plans for Haishang museum campus in China

Alvaro Siza has designed the plans for the Haishang museum campus in China in collaboration with Carlos Castanheira.
The project is situated on a site, divided into four areas by two minor streets.
In addition to the main museum building, positioned to the south of the plot, there will be a pavilion, a teahouse and a bridge. The landscaping connects the complex forms and functions with planting and pathways.
The ground level of the museum includes a lobby, a temporary exhibition space and an auditorium. On the second floor, which can be reached by a gentle ramp from the lobby, there is a series of multifunctional halls and more galleries.
‘the interior is composed of circulation areas between hierarchical spaces, allowing for choices and multifunction,’ says Carlos Castanheira.
Two separate buildings are sited to the north: the teahouse, serving as a small restaurant and the pavilion that includes an auditorium, exhibition galleries, and office space.
The museum campus is linked to the remainder of the neighbourhood to the east via a bridge.