UIA International Forum 2019 in Baku

The  International Union of Architects (UIA) held its International Forum and Extraordinary General Assembly in Baku, Azerbaijan on 7-11 June 2019. This assembly marks the important beginning of a new programme to change the paradigm of tourism, embracing sustainable design measures, education, innovation, communication, and the involvement of local communities.

The theme of the UIA International Forum this year, also called the Baku Forum, was Mass Tourism in Historic Cities. The forum showed how to achieve cultural heritage protection from unregulated tourism through appropriate planning and architectural design in symbiosis with the contemporary surrounding social environment.

The event was officially opened by high-ranking government representatives in Azerbaijan, the President of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Elbay Gasim-zada as well as UIA President Thomas Vonier. The Forum enjoyed the support of several international organisations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). It was also held under the official patronage of UNESCO. After three days of panel discussions and presentations by experts from all over the world, Presidents Gasim-zada and Vonier signed the Baku Declaration on Tourism and Heritage (available here).

During the Gala dinner on 11.06.2019 was officially celebrated the 90th anniversary of arch. Georgi Stoilov, the Honorary President of the International Academy of Architecture. Very nice words were said about him, many gifts were presented to him and most of all – love and respect was demonstrated for him and his contribution to the profession.

From left to right IAA Honorary President acad. Georgi Stoilov, UIA/МСА Council Member, Istelianna Atanassova and the Chairman of the Georgian architects