2020 Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize

The Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize is a biennial award, organised by UIA Member Section, the Architectural Society of China (ASC), to give special recognition to practicing architects and scholars. Settled in 2000 by the Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China (MOC) and the ASC, it was opened to international participants in 2016.

The prize is awarded to two architects who have dedicated their careers to the preservation of architectural heritage, as well as the development of technological and socially responsible innovation in the field of architecture.

The award is named after Liang Sicheng’s knowledge of Chinese architecture and art, his interest in innovation and his efforts to advance cultural exchange between Chinese and international architects. One of the founding members of the ASC and Vice President of its first council, Liang Sicheng participated in prestigious international design projects, such as the United Nations headquarters.

Nominations for Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize combine individual nominations and those from the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee votes to determine the shortlisted candidates and the Jury selects the winners, each of whom will receive a cash prize of 100 000 RMB (about 12,500€) as well as a certificate and medal from the ASC. The selection result is announced on the official website of the Architectural Society of China and related domestic and international media within one month after the selection.

The deadline for nominations is 19 December 2019.

More information about the Liang Sicheng Prize: http://www.chinaasc.org/news/113957.html



In the photo: Library of Shanxi Normal University, designed by Liang Sicheng