Georgi Khmaladze Architects has won the Archdaily & Strelka Award 2019

The IAA Professor Georgi Khmaladze and his team have won the Archdaily & Strelka Award 2019 with their project for a Coffee Production Plant in Tbilisi.

The proposal of Khmaladze was selected from a longlist of 50 architectural projects nominated for the prestigious Award, which celebrates emerging architects and new ideas that transform the contemporary city.

The winning project contains a coffee production plant, its offices, a coffee tasting space, and small coffee exhibits- all under monolithic concrete enclosure and one giant undulating green roof, which allows the structure to blend in with the surrounding landscape.
The building is located along the city’s main highway, from which the structure appears as a homogeneous concrete volume, with no visible openings. From the backside, it opens towards the pine forest and this is how the impact of the building’s footprint is reduced.