Foster creates a new winery in Saint-Émilion, France

Foster + Partners reveals the design for the new Le Dôme winery in Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux area, France.

As the site is located in a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape, the new project blends seamlessly with the topography. The composition defines the space and enhances its connection to the site.

With its circular-plan and hill-like shape that resembles the surrounding slopes, the building is integrated with the landscape. The scheme offers a two-ramp system, leading to different stages of winemaking.

The process of winemaking is taken to the heart of the building and the upper level with its roof, a 40-meter diameter timber structure with a central opening, provides a highly efficient space for wine production and for people to gather and taste different wines. This large open area under the roof is a 360 degrees gallery with tasting space, a wine bar and an entertainment area. From the circular atrium people can observe the wine production and storage spaces.

“The direct visual connection between the inside and outside, wine tasting and production, creates a unique and unified space for Le Dôme.”, says Norman Foster