Vladilen Dmitrievich Krasilnikov.

Born at March 18th in Moscow.

Finished Moscow Architectural Institute in 1995.

RSFSR (Russia) State Prize in 1971 for the design and construction of Drama Theatre in Tula (1960-1070). State Prize in 1982 for the architecture of Moscow Children’s Musical Theatre (1975-1981).

The USSR Ministers Council’s Prize in 1980 for the building of Social Center in Petrovka settlement in Crimea district (1966 – 1978).

Moscow City Award in 2003 for the architecture of Mejerhold Theater Culture Center (1995 -2002).

Moscow City Award in 2005 for the architecture of House of Music in Russian Culture Center (2000-2002).


  • Ulan-Ude Culture Institute;
  • National Theatre in Budapest (International Contest – III prize, 1996, Hungary);
  • Summer Theatre in Tula;
  • Literature Museum in Orel;
  • Opera Theatre on Bastille square in Paris (International Contest 1985);
  • Tchekhov MHAT (Theatre) building reconstruction (1981-87);
  • Circus buildingon Tzvetnoy boulevard in Moscow (1986-89);
  • Russian Embassy building in Gabon (1991);
  • Alexander Block’s monument in Moscow (1993, sculpture О.К. Коmov);
  • Design of culture-recreation complex “Wonders Island” in Moscow (1991);
  • Russian Culture Center on Krasnokholmskaya Moskva river spit (1994- 2009);
  • Театр в Рыбинске (2002 – Ist Prize);
  • Office and hotel building on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow (2003-2006);
  • High-rise office building on Semenovskaya square, Moscow (2005-2007);
  • Office building on Preobrazhenskaya square, Moscow (2007-2009);
  • Theatre Concert Hall in Yaroslavl (2008).

Actual member of Russian Art Academy (since 1995), Honoured Art Worker (since 1995г.), People’s Architect of Russia (2003), professor, Academician in International Academy of Architecture. Organizer of exhibitions of his works in Arts Academy in Moscow in 1994 and 2004, member of regulatory authorities of Unions of Architects of USSR and Russia since 1972.