Pavel Andreev (born 1954), is an architect, working as the head of architectural studio at “Mosproject 2” since 1996. He received a degree in architecture (faculty of town-planning) at Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARHI) in 1997.

Career milestones:

1977-1988 architect at Studio №1 at “Mosproject 2” (led by academician of architecture M. Posokhin)

1980-1986 leading architect at Studio №6 of Central Research Institute for public buildings (head – Doctor of Architecture A. Novikov)

1986-1987 chief executive architect at Studio №1 (head – architect V. Leonov)

1988-1990 associate architect at Ricardo Bofill workshop (Spain, France)

1990-1992 head of Buro №10 at Joint Enterprise “Mosbudproject”

1992-1995 cofounder of architectural studio “АБВ Group” (in cooperation with architects I. Biryukov and A. Vorontsov)

1992-1996 chief architect for JSC “Retail-house GUM”

1996-present head of Studio №14 at “Mosproject 2”

Pavel Andreev is a designer of more than 100 conceptual, completed and ongoing projects, including:

– restoration and reconstruction of bank buildings:  Kremlevskaya emb., 1/9; Commercial Bank “Lionsky Credit” (Zlatoustinsky side-st. 1, build.6), Bank “Sojuzny” (Tihvinsky side-st. 1);

– office buildings: year 2001 –  Dolgorukovskaya st. 7-9, Tverskaya-Yamskaya st. 5/2; year 2000 – “DaimlerChrysler” Bolshaya Ordinka st., 40; “Rosno” Bolshaya Tatarskaya st.35, Pokrovka st., 33;

– complex of buildings for Russian Theatre Union Strastnoy av., 10 (year 2002)

– exhibition complex (hall №7) Expocentre at Krasnopresnenskaya emb. (year 2002)

– restoration and reconstruction of GUM (year 1998)

– apartment buildings 3d Tverskaya-Yamskaya st. 50, Starokonushenny side-st. 10-12, Plushikha st. 22, Pushkarev side-st. 13/16, Bolshoy Suharevsky side-st., 11; Ivanteevskaya st., 13; etc.

– reconstruction of State Academical Theatre of Russia (complex of buildings) – year 2002;

– restoration and modernization of Central Exhibition Hall “Manez” (year 2005)

– reconstruction of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre –year 2005

– general overhaul of the State Kremlin Palace buildings – 2009 till present

Pavel Andreev leads active social and pedagogical life, often appears on television and contributes to printed media. His professional activities as an architect Pavel Andreev combined with educational work at Moscow Institute of Architecture in the capacity of Associate professor, Department of town-planning.

Pavel Andreev’s works were awarded many times as the best fulfilled restoration, reconstruction or new construction projects of the year and were nominated for the competition “Zolotoe sechenye” (“Golden Ratio”). Rewards for contribution to reconstruction and construction in Moscow and professional success:

–                  Signs of Honor from “Mosproject-2” and Moscow Committee of Architecture

–                  Medal “850 Moscow anniversary”

–                  Medal and Title of “Honorary builder of Moscow” (presented by the Moscow government) and Honorary Architect of Moscow.


Pavel Andreev is a member of International Academy of Architecture (Moscow Department) and Architects Union USSR since 1985.

All his projects are marked with high level of professionalism, expressed in remarkable, unique architectural solutions, even in difficult town-planning tasks.