Alberto Campo Baeza (born Valladolid, 1946) is a Spanish architect. He took classes at the E.T.S. Arquitectura de Madrid, and graduated in 1971. His projects and productions have been published widely in international magazines. They are shown at numerous major exhibitions and are given several awards and prizes. He is currently a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

His projects include the Technology Center at Inca, Spain (1999), the Caja General de Ahorros at Granada, Spain (1999), the Technology Center at Inca (1995-1998), the previously un-upgraded version of the Technology Center at Inca in 1999, the Gaspar House at Cádiz, Spain (1991), the Turégano House at Madrid (1988), and the School in Madride San-Fermín at Madrid (1985), and the School of Madride at San Sebastián de los Reyes (1983).

Alberto Campo Baeza was titled in architecture in 1971 in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid of which today he is Chairman and Professor of Design in Madrid in 1986. He has taught in E.T.H. Zurich as a gästdozent in 1989-1990. He has taught in Dublin (1992), Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia), Copenhagen (1996), in EPFL Lausanne as a p. invité in 1997, in University of Pennsylvania (1986 and 1999), BAUHAUS in Weimar (2002), IIT Chicago (2003). Campo Baeza has been Visiting Scholar at Columbia University(2003), a lecturer at Harvard (2002), IIT Chicago (2003),Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, Italy (2004) and Kansas State University (2005).

Characterized by the purist and minimalist treatment of the architectonic volumes, his architecture participates in the logic of the pure forms. It has evolved from the smoothness of the white stucco of his first residential works to rougher textures of exposed concrete or work stone of greater scale. The fundamental characteristic of its architecture is a constant investigation in the qualification of the space by means of the light: Horizontal light in the Gaspar house, Vertical light in the Elsa Peretti Museum, light diagonal in the house for Tom Ford or the light “is transparent” of the Savings Bank of Granada. And it is that Baeza Field maintains that “Architettura sine shines, nulla architettura est”. It is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting architects of the present Spanish panorama. Central seat of the Savings bank of Granada, the New (Madrid) Turégano house in Pozuelo (Madrid), Gaspar house in Vejer de la Frontera(Cadiz), Center BIT in Inca (Majorca).

Some of Alberto Campo Baeza’s works currently in progress: His first American commission – the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York, MA Cultural Center in Granada, Beneton Asilo Nido, Junta de Castiila y León Headquarters in Zamora, “Between Cathedrals” in Cadìz, and also “NMAC” in Cadìz.