Massimo Pica Ciamarra (1937) is a founding member of the Istituto per la diffusione e valorizzazione della cultura scientifica; member of Committee ’30 – Council of Tall Building and Urban Habitat, Lehight University – Pennsylvania, USA; honorary member of the Istituto Nazionale di  Bioarchitettura.  In France, as the President of O.I.A. – Observatoire International d’ Architecture, promoted the project for the “Directive européenne sur l’architecture et le cadre de vie”.

Degree 1960; Qualified University Teacher 1969; from 1971 to 2007 Teacher of Architectural Design at the University of Naples/ Federico II; from 1997 to 2011 INARCH national vice-president. From 2012 Vice President of the “Fondazione Italiana di Bioarchitettura e Antropizzazione sostenibile dell’ambiente”, President of the Scientific Committee of “Bioarchitettura®” and INARCH.

From 2006 Editor in Chief of “Le Carré Bleu, feuille internationale d’architecture/ Paris” which on its fiftieth anniversary in 2008, proposed the project of “Declaration of Human Duties”  as to habitat and life styles and, which in its issue n° 1/2011, launched the project -with Bioarchitettura® and INARCH- of “Education to Ecology and to the Quality of Architecture”.

Author of many essays, publications and books, among which Integrare. Il progetto sul finire dell’età della separazione, Jaca Book 2010; Etimo: costruire secondo principi, Liguori 2004; Interazioni – principi e metodi della progettazione architettonica, Clean 1997; La cultura del progetto, Graffiti 1996; Qualità e concezione del progetto, Officina 1994; Città futura, Clean 1988; Architettura e dimensione urbana, Ceec 1977.

Most designs and projects in Italy -several in different European countries and in American, Asian. African contexts- ( can be found in reviews, books, videos, monographs.

Acknowledgements are numerous, among which the Premio S. Valentino d’Oro – XXXV edition, the latest is Siebenarchi 2010. Among the most well known projects, Angus Plants (INARCH Campania 1969 Prize); Multipurpose Unit in Arcavacata of the University of Calabria; the Departments of Pharmacy of the University of Messina (gold medal of the University); the Istituto Motori of CNR and the Square at Fuorigrotta  in Naples (Aragonese Prize 1991); the Sangiorgio Library in Pistoia; the City of Science in Bagnoli (Trophées Sommet de la Terre et Batiment 2003; Dedalo Minosse Prize 2004).

Pica Ciamarra Associati and eight expert firms, each in a different sector, in 2003 formed  the stable consortium “THP – The A & E Italian Partnership”. Its President is MPC.

Angus Factory at Casavatore – Naples

Calabria University_Polyfunctional unit at Arcavacata

City of Science – Naples_Bagnoli_2

CNR Engine Institute – Naples

Commodities exchange – Naples_1

ENEL Headquarters – entrance to the business centre – Naples

Molise University – Campobasso_1

Multifamily house at Posillipo – Naples_1

New Fuorigrotta square – Naples

Pair of tall buildings – Naples

Salerno University_the Library – Fisciano_1

Sangiorgio Library – Pistoia_2

Sannio University – Benevento

Teuco_Guzzini office block – Recanati_2