Nationality:  China

Birthday: October 16, 1976

Birthplace:  Jinan city, Shandong province,



Bauhaus University Weimar China Design Center, Creative Director China  Building  Decoration  Association  Training  Center,  Deputy  Director Architectural  Society  of  China  (Shanghai  branch),  Senior  Member Beijing  Film  Academy,  Visiting  Professor

Tongji  University  EMBA  Course,  subject  professor   South  China  University  of  Technology,  Visiting  Professor Shandong College of Art, Visiting Professor

Shanghai  Hongding  Cultural  Arts  Development  Ltd.,  Director  Designer


Guo Qiming



Architect & Space Artist

Guo Qiming has long been engaged in spreading of the international culture especially of the architectural culture. As the executive director of’ Design China-Design and Architecture Forum’, he has organized and hosted the forum for 186 times. The main participants and speakers are internationally renowned architects and artists. Several themes of the forum are quite well regarded, such as’ China-Italy  Forum’, ‘China-Germany  EXPO  Forum’, ‘Updating the Design of China Exhibition’. The forum has promoted the exchanges of design industry, as well as the friendship of international designers.

Guo Qiming’s design works are more about the thinking of living environment and the protecting of the nature environment. he  has  his  own  idea  about  architecture  itself,  advocated that design works should focus on the integration of art , space and universal values, meanwhile, architects should pay more attention to the public, not only  a  few  group  of  rich people.


Main points of Guo Qiming

The civilization of architecture is not  only  the  change  of  form,  but  also  the  breeding and growing in the native cultural context. And it is a carrier of national culture and sprit. A nation which has a history is lucky, for it knows where it came from. The happiest thing for an architect is to see his children know how to build their country and city. Therefore, creating a city which has era characteristics and national spirits are every architect’s historical responsibility. Hope they deserve their own lands.

City is the result of gregarious living. It is the cultural differences and the chaotic life values that make numerous unordered and weird urban design. And the original intention of urban design is ecological harmony instead of the equation of technical drawings. That’s a dialogue among time, space and life. Design is the art of living. All we have to do is set a beautiful life plan and try our best to make it come true.

The famous urbanologist Eliel Saarinen said that let  me  have  a  look  your  city,  I  can  tell what is the pursuit of city residents in culture. If civilization is the soul  of  a  city,  then  urban sculpture  is  the  best  symbol  of  it.  They  witness  different  culture  and  sprits  in  different  ages.