He was born in Moscow. Feb. 23. 1937.

In 1960 graduated the architectural department of the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute in Tashkentwith honors. Since1960  works in the Design Institute “UzNIIP Urban Development”.” The head Architect of the studio.Concurrently since 1991 till 2011was the head of Personal creative workshop – “Architect Sutyagin S.M.” and chief architect of projects.

He projects  public buildings and structures, urban complexes, dwelling houses, memorials and monuments. He’s participant of republicans and internationalcompetitions. He’sowner ofgovernment awards.


Laureate of the State Prize of Uzbekistan (1966).

Laureate of the State Prize of Uzbekistan named AlisherNavoi (1991).

Prize Winner of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1987).

Laureate of theIII World Biennial in Sofia (1985).

Honorary Citizen of the city of Kokand.

Multiple laureate (diploma of I degree) of annual review of the “Best project – object”, held in the MASA (Kiev, Moscow, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus cities).

Finalist of the reviewcontest of the World Islamic architecture (the Aga Khan Foundation, 1989. theatre in Kokand.)

Lectured (Master Class) at the joint Department of Islamic architecture MIT and Harvard University and the Association of Architects in Boston, USA (1990).

Cinema Palace for 2500 sits in Tashkent, 1964 (Laureate of State Prize of Uzbekistan)
Concert Hall for 2500 Spectators in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 1984 (Laureate of the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of USSR, Moscow)
Tea House Samarkand-darbaza in Tashkent, 1975
Civic Center in the city of Khiva, 1969-84 years (Laureate of INTERARCH-85 Sofia)
Musical-dramatic theatre and Literary Museum in Kokand, 1987 and 1990 (Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan named AlisherNavoi, Honorary Citizen of Kokand city).
Competition project for Algeria (with Algerian company BETAL) – Town Hall in Bejaia (Algeria),  2005. – I prize
Museum of the History of Khorezm (Mamun Academy) in the city of Khiva
Exhibition and office complex of Restaurateurs Association of Uzbekistan. Tashkent 2008
Competitive projects for building of centers of Tashkent (MASA Laureate of the The Best Project of the Year, Moscow), 1994
Competition project of International Center for Indira Gandhi in New Delhi, 1989 (selected for       40 best projects)
Competition project of center of the city of Nukus. Karakalpakistan (Laureate)
Government Library of Uzbekistan for 8 million volumes in Tashkent (project), 1974
Competition project for Algeria (with Algerian company BETAL). Cultural and Religious Center in Tiaret,  2008
 Metro Cosmonauts Avenue in Tashkent