President of the International Academy of Architecture.

Chairman of Studio Schiattarella Associati
His significant and recent projects are as follows: the Library of the Valdese University in Rome; the Metropolitan
Museum in Seoul; the restoration of the Gran Priorale Palace in Venice, of the Villa Durante in Rome (European Union
Prize For Cultural Heritage) and of Escuela Espanola de Historia y Arqueologia ( Roma); the restructuring and
consolidation of the Gentili Palace and of another Roman Palace in the Ripetta Street; the Children Museum Kyonngi,
(South Korea). His building works have been published in Italian architectural magazines as L’architettura, cronaca e
storia; Domus; A.U.; L’Arca; Plus; Spazio Architettura and have been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Modena, Barcelona and
Seoul. He constantly participates in national and international design competitions being the more recent the CarolinoAugusteo Museum in Salzburg (Austria); the Daegu Archaeological Museum and the Hong Ki University’s Skyscrapers in
Seoul; the Nam June Paik Museum in Kyonggi (South Korea); the Italian Pavilion for the Expo 2005 in Japan and the
Mediterranean Museum in Marseille (France);the Eco Center; in Gim-Po, ( South Korea ); the La Spezia’s Waterfront. He
is the President of the Architects Chamber of Rome and its Province since 1999 and was a member of the Building and
Urban Quality Commission of the Rome Council. He was the President of the A.R.C.E. (Association of Architects from
the Metropolitan Regions and Cities of the European Union) and the “Casa dell’Architettura di Roma”(House of
Architecture of Rome) He recently won two relevant competitions in Saudi Arabia for the design of the Celebration Hall of
the Diplomatic Quarter and the Addiriyah Art Center, both promoted by the Arriyadh Development Authority.