CITIC Jinling Hotel

CITIC Jinling Hotel    2012

Nestled against the mountains, the hotel is designed to enjoy the beauty of the northwest reservoir and the surrounding hills. The site strategy for the destination resort establishes an intimate connection to the mountain by the stepping backwards terraces. The public spaces are defined by several huge rock-like volumes, which also create fantastic effects by punching into interior. A 5-story-high lobby, the kernel of the building, is characterized by the step back floors and crystal-like irregular skylights and flanked by two wings of guest rooms. Terraced layout is quite fit for the topography and gives every room a great view. The material palette of GRC panels, GreenerWood and glass expresses the hotel’s respects to the nature. In particular, those GRC panels made by rock flour imitate the texture and color of natural rocks yet allow the structures to seemingly emerge from the land.

The cascading forms mimic the topography of the mountains