Multifunctional high-rise residential complex in Moscow City, 2018

Project Holders Total area: 271 452 m²
(overground: 256 610 m²)
Maximum elevation: 403,9 m

The lower part of the building is oriented parallel to 1st Krasnogvardeysky lane. It is equal trapeze in plan.
The high-altitude part of the building is turned 4° to make optimal insolation apartments.
One side façade continues 2nd Krasnogvardeysky driveway and has a view of Victory Park; the second one is turned to Anton Ovseenko street, towards the centre, and has a view of the Kremlin, Novy Arbat and Hotel Ukraine, through the visual corridors in the skyscrapers, that are being constructed on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment.

The eastern façade is vertical, while the western is sloping: this provides perspective to the Federation and Mercury towers from the 2nd Krasnogvardeysky lane. It supports the complex composition, and creates a lot of air around the tower.

The top of the tower is residential, the bottom part holds offices, and the top of the stylobate has a promenade and a kindergarten, while the bottom of the stylobate is trade. The underground part is parking.

This super thin, super elegant skyscraper resembles a blade with its dynamic shape. It tends to fade in the sky because of the façade’s white colour vanishing to the top. White colour makes contrast to the surrounding buildings.