Residential complex on Novoalexeevskaya Street, 2012-2015.

Total area of the complex: 25 525 m² (overground: 14 875 m²)

Maximum elevation: 63,7 m

The object consists of two buildings, oriented by the axis, going through Pavla Korchagina str., and the square, formed by crossing of Novoalexeevskaya str., Malomoskovskaya str., 1st Rizhsky lane and others.

The tower moves forward and creates an altitude dominant, fixing the corner of the streets crossing.

The lower building moves backwards from the square into the site and sets the southeast border of the inner court formed between two volumes.

A gallery connecting the two volumes separates the courtyard from the square.

The buildings are residential, have the entrance areas and kindergarten in the ground floor. The underground part is a parking.

The facades are made of brick. Decorative pylons of the façades support the rhythms of the windows.

The rotation of the upper parts of the buildings acts as an answer to the axis, which goes through 1st Rizhsky lane and Malomoskovskaya Street.

Balconies vertically divides the tower and the lower building in two parts supporting their tectonics and creating a pause — a transition between large to smaller rhythm. Vertical rhythms unite two parts of the complex.

Both volumes are connected with each other on the ground floor by a brick fence, which goes around the site from parking entrance to the tower on the other side, leaving a wide passage, which opens a view to the inner court. This court is separated from the street vertically. The fence rhythmically connects the facades, and continues their graphic theme along the site.