Residential complex with underground public space in Moscow, Bratyev Fonchekno Street, 2018.

Total area of the complex: 133 653 m² (overground: 69 991 m²)

Maximum elevation: 40 m

Near the site an overpass is being constructed, also there is a railroad, and Victory Park from the opposite site.

The quarter has a rigid structure, consisting of 5 towers, directed to the park and 3 section blocks, separating it from the railroad.

The slope of the terrain, lowering by 12 meters allowed the creation of a lower courtyard.

The underground public center is connected to the Victory Park with a large green lower courtyard. The lower yard is a buffer zone between the residential part and the Victory Park.

The public centre is illuminated naturally due to the difference of relief elevations.
Overground blocks are set in one plane. The towers are one story higher than plates, which allows panoramic views of Moscow State University and Mosfilmovskaya from upper floors.

The stylobate is public, the towers and the plates are residential.

The five buildings continue the perspective of Poklonnaya Street. Their strict rhythm acts as support for the architecture of the Victory Park complex. The rhythm of the exterior facades varies along the street from the residential area to the Victory Park. Street façades are made of stone (light — associated with the materials and architecture of Victory Park), and the inner façades are made of copper — in contrast to the light street ones. White active contrast balconies of the inner façades make a connection to the outer street façades. The inner and outer facades’ different vertical rhythms support each other.