Ice Arena in Astana

Address: the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kabanbai batyr Avenue
Year of building: 2011
Total area: 41,600 m2
Engineering organization: “VL” LLP
Authors: V.Laptev, A.Pirozhkov, E.Zhuravlyova, I.Yatsenko, L.Lebold, A.Khlopcharov.

Ice Arena is located in the sport area of the left-bank part of the city near the football stadium and cycle track. The existing city planning situation has identified the architectural and artistic appearance of the building, spatial resolution, and the silhouette of construction and artistic expression of buildings.
The idea that was the basis for the project is snowdrops, turning towards the sun through the snow in the endless steppes. The desire for light and grace of snowdrop colors represent conical tower of the Arena, and the white roof, like snow in the winter, blends with the natural whiteness.
The complex includes large-span construction of the main ice rink with arena for 10,000 spectators and the cone-shaped building of the hotel, fitness center and administrative office. The Arena is designed for the following sports: speed skating, short track, Canadian ice hockey (2 fields), curling, figure skating.
During the Asian Olympic Games Ice Arena played a leading role, there were competitions in curling, figure skating and short track. 11 records of the Asian Games were established in speed skating. Participants and spectators observed a high level of compliance with international standards of sports facilities and innovative architectural design.
Construction and finishing materials, engineering equipment, control systems, communications, power supply, ventilation and air conditioning – all this ensures that the indoor Ice Arena in the young capital of Kazakhstan is able to compete with sports stadiums worldwide.