Medical Center

Medical Center of the A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD)

(2nd start-up complex)

Moscow, Kuskovskaya Street, site 1A

Architects: A.Bokov, Yu.Telitsin, N.Seferiants, Z.Tsikolia, A.Dzerzhkovitch.

Engineers: O.Makarova, V.Zuyev, L.Kashleva

Chief technologist S.Kanavina

Realized in 2015.

The location of the 1st start-up complex structures has predetermined the site zoning: in the central part the main buildings of the 1st and 2nd start-up complexes are placed; in the north-western part there are the anatomico-pathological building and engineering facilities (workshops, warehouses, main distribution substation (board) and diesel power station); in the north a chamber of vacuum dust and debris removal with a block of biological and food wastes is situated along the border of the site; in the north-east there is an entrance-exit ramp attached to the underground parking lot, which is combined with distribution transformer substation; in the east the oxygen-gasification plant is placed at the border of the site with the necessary breaks in it. The main entrance-exit leading to the territory is designed from Kuskovskaya Street, where the checkpoint No. 1, is located. The two fire-fighting entrances are organized in the northern and western parts of the site.

The construction footprint of the main building of the 2nd start-up complex is dictated by the constraint of the territory and by the necessity to provide the fire passages and breaks, as well as by the insolation problems of the existing 5-storey residential buildings, which in its turn had determined the height of the facility.

The volume-spatial composition of the main building of the 2nd start-up complex consists of a rectangular 10-storyed volume 120 m long with an eastern wing cut off along the line retaining the insolation of the 5-storyed residential building. The main building has a width18 m and is provided with three risalits (in order to increase the light front). This building is parallel to the 5-storeyed clinical and diagnostic building (the 1st start-up complex).

Perpendicularly to the main volume, towards the south, there is a 6-storeyed trapezoidal volume 70 m long, which ends with an added 3-storeyed volume of the assembly hall for 460 seats.

Technical and economic data:

Total site area                                                               2.8047 hectares

Building area                                                                 0.8449 hectares

Number of storeys                                                                 2-3-6-9-10

Total area of ​​buildings and structures,                         63 588 sq. m


– underground area                                             15 293 sq. m

– overground area                                                         48 295 sq. m

Construction volume                                                  243 408 cub. m


– underground volume                                       61 758 cub. m

– overground volume                                         181 650 cub. m