“MEGASPORT” Sport Palace


Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, 3.

Architects: A.Bokov, D.Bush, S.Chuklov, V.Valuyskikh, L.Romanova, O.Gak, Z.Burchuladze, A.Zolotova, A.Timokhov.

Architect-technologist A.Shabaydash.

Engineers: M.Livshin, M.Kelman, P.Eremeyev, E.Bekmukhamedov,

O.Starikov, A.Naumocheva, E.Subbotina, N.Starikova.

Realized in 2006.

The Project was nominated for the award at the “Golden Section 2005” review-competition organized by the Union of Moscow Architects.

The Project was also a Winner of the Competition for the “Best Realized Project in the Field of Investment and Construction in 2007” in the “Culture, medicine, entertainment and sports facilities” nomination.

The Ice Palace is located in a significant place of the Khodynka field: on the one hand, in the south it completes the left flank of the extended panorama of residential development and on the other hand – it closes the prospect of the landing strip in the east part.

The volumetric-spatial solution of the Ice Palace building logically follows from the general urban planning solution of the site; the passages to it are emphasized by the wide entrance ramps, which are spiraling around the cylinder (120 meters in diameter and over 40 meters high) of the main building of the Palace. These ramps raise the spectators to the upper levels, where (starting from the second floor) there are the vestibules and the foyer.

The direction of movement of the entrance ramps is repeated by the light-transmitting canopies over them, which in their turn pass into the building roof.

The Ice Palace has 9 above-ground floors and a basement. The Ice Palace is intended for training spells and competitions in hockey, figure skating, and other sports (basketball, boxing, tennis, gymnastics), as well as for variety shows.


Technical and Economic Data:

Area of allotted site                                   4.18 hectares

Building area                                     20 500 sq. m

Total area                                          61 300 sq. m

Building volume                              520 000 cub. m

Capacity                                            14 000 spectators