Perinatal and Cardiologic Center

Perinatal and Cardiologic Center

for 330 beds in the City Clinical Hospital No. 67

Moscow, North-West Administrative District, Salyama Adilya Street, site 2/44

Architects A.Bokov, N.Seferiants.

The building of the Perinatal and Cardiologic Center for 330 beds meant for rendering a high-tech medical care to the population in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatology. The Center is placed on the territory of City Clinical Hospital No. 67. The main entrance to the hospital is located in the Salyama Adilya Street at the north-west of the site.

The building of the Perinatal and Cardiologic Center is designed as a complex multifunctional volume, which in plan resembles an egg (as a symbol of the life origin) with an inner courtyard. The building combines several sections with different functions, which vary in number of floors and stand on the relief with a large elevation difference, so that the entrances are located at different levels.

The main unit is obstetric.

The second unit is a cardiologic and pediatric section with wards for nursing newborns and breast fed infants. The section includes an operational unit and children’s reanimation unit.

In the third unit a consultative and diagnostic center for women, as well as a consultative and diagnostic center for dynamic observation of tender age infants (a children’s and adults’ polyclinic) are placed.

The fourth unit accommodates clinical departments with classrooms.

The bearing structures of the building: columns, walls of staircase and elevator sections, intermediate slabs and foundations are made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The external enclosing structures are fulfilled of monolithic reinforced concrete with external heat insulation and finished with a facade system on a steel substructure.

The building is equipped with modern engineering systems for ventilation and air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewage systems, energy saving, telephone and television communications, fire and security alarms, etc.