Seoul Gangnam Housing

This is a housing project for low-income people in the Gangnam district in the south part of Seoul, Korea.

As the population of urban areas in Korea rose rapidly in the 1970s, housing designed for standard families were provided as in Japan. However, a declining birthrate and the aging of the population have led to a rapid decrease in the size of households and a rapid increase in the number of seniors living by themselves, either alone or as a couple. A quarter of the population is expected to be seniors by 2030, the conventional one house = one family system will no longer work under such circumstances. We proposed a housing prototype for the 21st century that preserves individual privacy yet coexists with the local community.

We propose making housing multifunctional in character. Housing will no longer be simply a place where the family lives and raises children. A new system can be created by opening up housing to the local community through diverse activities, so that even people living by themselves do not remain insolated.