Teleton Foundation

The Teletón Foundation together with Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos have shared challenges in health related issues with extraordinary results by strengthening the links between design and health. Today they have completed 23 CRITs, one CRIQ, The Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic (HITO) in Querétaro and in Tabasco, the Autism Center and the Teletón Specialist University. These 28 projects have been treated as non-profit undertakings by the firm, which has worked on them in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity with the differently abled children of Mexico.
CRIT: Children’s Rehabilitation Centers Teletón
The first Teletón Clinic was built in 1998 and Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos was chosen specially for the empathy level showed with the project’s objectives and vision.
The Teletón Children’s System is the worlds largest private children’s rehabilitation system, and is aimed at unifying the operating structure and upholding the same quality standards in all the Centers. The Teletón Foundations projects support and promote equity, diversity and inclusion through creative means to meet the growing demand of children’s healthcare while creating community.
Naturally, the Foundation, with its architectural and interior design, sensorial experience and the warmth of the staff that work at the clinics marks the difference between a general hospital and a Teletón clinic. Without a doubt, when patients go for their first appointment, the children experience a combination of hope, faith, joy and excitement, a sensation that lasts throughout their treatment process and that provides a sense of tranquility and trust to their families.