Vienna University of Economics and Business

The result of a three-stage competition, the two buildings intertwine with the cheerful rounded corners of the coffee shop (at the tip of the Administration building) and the students’ common room (at the corner of the Law building) to greet the visitor.

A series of terraced garden-decks form the roof of the Law Library and connect the open spaces of the central court of the University with the Prater Gardens. There are passages under the body of the building that reinforce this connection.

Percolating into the library spaces are a series of private study capsules which are lit by lighting cones above.

The plan form of the Law building zig-zags in and out and creates ‘sunshine corners’, bringing natural light into the whole building and continuing the relaxed atmosphere of the 200 m long structure.

Generous, undulating meeting places are created within and many balconies and terraces throughout, reflecting CRAB’s emphasis on a strong social as well as an academic function.

The bold colour is intended to bring life to the campus and is in a deliberate response to the many grey days of a Vienna autumn and winter. It was voted the most enjoyed agreeable working environment on campus.