Foster + Partners ‘ Tulip Tower close to realisation

The Foster + Partners’ Tulip Tower is set for approval in London. The 305-meter-tall skyscraper will be the new region landmark.

The project offers an education facility operated by building owners J. Safra Group. The program with 20,000 free places per year for London’s state school children will propose  “an unparalleled vantage point to view London from a heigh of around 300 meters.”

A new two-story entrance pavilion to improve the existing active ground level of the Gherkin, complete with a public roof terrace, retail, and 284 bicycle spaces is featured in the project. There will be a new pocket park alongside the pavilion, increasing the site’s green surface area by 8.5 times with the help of two green walls.

Visitors will be offered an amazing experience with sky bridges, internal glass slides, and gondola pod rides on the building facade. A sky bar and restaurants will propose 360-degree views of the city. There will be also “interactive materials and briefings from expert guides about the history of London.”

The report says that even though the project did not meet some City of London planning policies, there would be a “less than substantial harm” to protected views of the Tower of London. London mayor Sadiq Kahn and the Tower Hamlets council are also  concerned about potential crowding at street level.

The Tulip Tower’s future is going to be decided on April 2nd this year after a meeting of the city’s planning and transportation committee.