Marina One, Singapore

Marina One is an award winning premier integrated development at the heart of Singapore’s prestigious Marina Bay fnancial district and comprises
two offce towers in excess of gross 208,000 m² pri￾me grade-A offce space, two residential towers of 1,042 luxury residences and Retail space
in excess of gross 18,000 m² at the podium with unique retail offerings – set around lush greenery.
Marina One is connected to 4 out of Singapore’s 6 MRT lines and fanked by two large urban parks. Its office towers are designed to meet LEED
Platinum Pre-certifcation and Green Mark Platinum standards whilst featuring two impressive high-den￾sity foors of approximately 10,000 m² each – the largest grade-A offce foor plate in Singapore with panoramic views on Level 28 and 29.