Palazzo Baldassini

– Assignment: Restoration project and functional adaptation of Palazzo Baldassini

– Location: Via delle Coppelle, Rome – Italy

– Client: E.C.S. Engineering Consulting & Services s.r.l.

– With: Architects C. Nobili, V. Protti, C. Maggini, M. Camarca, G. Toccaceli,  Engineers E. Sacco – E.C.S.,

  1. Cera, A. Leonardi, M. Malaspina

– Work done: Building survey, Functional analysis, Structural analysis,  Detailed and Executive projects, Architectural Restoration of the north wing of the building, Restoration of the internal façades of the courtyard, Partial covering of the courtyard

– Type of work: Restoration

– Assignment date: 1999-2011

– Cost of the work: Lit.

– Work progress: project carried out

– Photo credits: Ph. Flavia Rossi