Location: Diriya, KSA

Completion: 2000-2015

Project Description: The project is the gateway to the historic area of Dirriyah. It overlooks Wadi Hanifah, just opposite to Al-Turaif neighborhood. The late Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulwahab and many scholars lived in Al-Bujairi district.

The concept of this project is the revival of the Dirriyah historic area into a prosperous atmosphere-rich rural, through understanding the place and its history, starting from the past, through the present and to the future. This vision depends on understanding that the past serves as a crossing bridge with steady paces and clear enlightened orientations towards the future. These titles require one to give each stage its entitled time to express and highlight its important role in the wheel of time. However, this revival must take the special culture, form, climate, context and the agricultural nature of the site into consideration. This, of course, is not meant to breach out the functions of the buildings.