Renzo Piano reveals “Floating” Seaside Residences for Monaco’s New Eco-District

Renzo Piano Building Workshop /RPBW/ has created a series of “floating” seaside residences for Portier Cove, a new eco-district in Monaco, which will be a new extension of the existing coastline from the Grimaldi Forum to the Formula One tunnel. The new residences will be sited above a seaside promenade on a caissons along the coast.
The project is 125 meters long and raised four meters above the ground to allow open space at ground level.
The team will apply four environmental certification labels, including the Breeam certification. The project proposes solar cells on the roof and lighting solutions that avoid the use of classic shutters.
The realisation of land extension project responds to the Monaco’s energy transition objectives regarding its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to the need for growth in a dynamic and modern country.
Joost Moolhuijzen, director of RPBW, is working with Valode, Pistre Architects and landscape architect Michel Desvigne on the larger development. Portier Cove aims to integrate with the existing coastline of Monaco through a curved coastline that extends the land 35 meters. The new project will feature, a new port, a one hectare public park, underground public car park, offices and retail and multi-tenant buildings and private waterfront villas.