Foster has created the design for Santa Clara, California

Foster+Partners was chosen to create plans for the transformation of a golf course in Santa Clara, California’s technology hub Silicon Valley, into a mixed-use neighbourhood, including office and residential buildings, and a park.
It will be flanked by San Francisco Bay in the distance and an NFL stadium.
Since the project will be funded as a public-private partnership between the City of Santa Clara and Related Companies, it will transform the old golf course and former landfill, and also provide job for 25,000 employees.
The new 9.2 million-square-feet development for Santa Clara will have shaded streets and squares, and a 30-acre park.
Santa Clara’s Lafayette Street will divide the neighbourhood in two. Offices will be placed on one side, bordered by Guadalupe River, while a mixed-use complex is placed across the highway.
The office part will be formed by cube-shaped structures with central gardens.
The mixed-use programme nearby will consist of offices, two hotels providing 700 rooms and residential zones.
The new master plan offers also a plaza with ample areas for retail, dining and entertainment. A centerpiece is a pavilion-like “Global Food Market” with tapered wooden columns and an angular, slatted roof.
“Our aspiration is to push the boundaries of design and construction and introduce a model of sustainable urbanism in the valley centred on people,” explained Stefan Behling, head of studio at Foster + Partners.
Foster+Partners is responsible for the first phase of the project, with Gensler serving as executive architect. WSP is the lead engineer.
Construction is to start in early 2020 and the first phase is expected to open in 2023.