Tabanlioglu Architects reveals the design of a national stadium for Kosovo

Tabanlioglu Architects was chosen to design a national stadium for Kosovo, which will become the new home for the Kosovo national football team.
The new 30,000-capacity project will be located in Drenas, around 12 miles from the capital Pristina and will be built to meet current FIFA and UEFA requirements.
As part of the plan, a park for open-air events and concerts is also being created.
The stadium will be built alongside two training pitches and also as a group of buildings containing shopping and entertainment facilities.
The stadium building will be constructed from many concrete A-frames, which will support the seating bowl and a lightweight steel frame holding up the stadium’s structural fabric facade.
Tabanlioglu says, “The facade of the stadium is shielded by a flexible textile material in harmony with the natural park adjoining this large structure, thus visually splitting the large scale and mass of the stadium, so that the structure behaves as a thin curtain between the park and the sky.”
He also explains to Dezeen that the new urban structure will be a bridge for people, uniting them through the joy of sports, which is very important now, because Kosovo recently emerged from a civil war.