ОМА reveals new installation on the Hong Kong waterfront

OMA has created an installation, a golden cube, called “the KUBE”, located in front of the main entrance of K11 MUSEA, on Hong Kong’s waterfront. Through its simple and strong geometry, the multi-functional KUBE becomes an urban landmark.
The installation’s goal is to generate a unique and intimate place where people can gather. The small golden cube serves also as a kiosk, which hosts a local artisan’s coffee brewery and as an event space. It encourages the people passing by to stop for a minute and experience the city with all their senses.
The KUBE radiates and changes colours under different types of light. The aluminium finishes produce time-specific diverse visual aspects of the installation.
The stone dices, positioned around the cube, are part of the installation that function as outdoor chairs and tables. They can also take on different functions, to assist any type of activity happening on the premises, and encourage cultural programs around that commercial area.
For special events, a giant red balloon, visible from across Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, is installed as a canopy to gather people under the same roof.