Fuksas wins the international competition for the renovation of Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia

Studio Fuksas, led my Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, has won the international competition for a conceptual design for the renovation of Sveta Nedelya Square in the historical centre of Sofia, Bulgaria.
The winning project was chosen among seven proposals of architects from Italy, France, Russia and Bulgaria.
Through the proposed conception, Fuksas preserves the historical appearance of the area and creates a large public pedestrian space for people. This is an idea, which was developed through an historical investigation of the area which, was destined to host the principal square of the city in the Roman period. In addition to the new vision, there will be a plenty of photovoltaic tree-like canopies, serving as charging stations for mobile phones during the day and as lighting structures by night. These hi-tech systems will also serve as vessels for the collection, purification, and reuse of rainwater. The archeological ruins of ancient Serdica will be turned into an open-air museum through a glass floor, where people can walk on. Water attractions and new green areas will complement the design of the new “old square”.
According to the competition rules, Fuksas studio should be invited to negotiate with Sofia Municipality to prepare a technical and working project and the construction is expected to begin in 2021.

More information about the competition, the winning project and the other proposals on: https://svetanedelya.com