Jean Nouvel reveals a new residential development, Aquarela in Ecuador

Jean Nouvel has recently designed a new residential development, called Aquarela. Situated in a rural area in Quito, Ecuador, the 136,580-square-metre organically designed project blends with the surrounding mountainous landscape.
Created in a collaboration with local architectural developer Uribe & Schwarzkopf, Aquarela comprises nine residential stone-cladded blocks, wrapped by curved balconies. Inside these, rocky gardens with greenery strengthen the integration of the building and will give each resident a connection to the outdoors. Greenery also finds place in the lobby area. Exterior walls have large glass windows and tall slatted wooden shutters. Inside there are open spaces and each residential block will also have access to its own rooftop pool and a plenty of elevators so each resident only shares their lift access with one other tenant.
The first phase of Aquarela is currently under construction and will be completed later this year. This block will reveal clubhouse with a range of amenities, such as a bowling lane, an ice rink, a yoga studio, music room, mini-golf and a cinema.