Mecanoo to design the Senezh Management LAB campus in Russia

Mecanoo has won the international competition to design the Senezh Management LAB in Russia. The project aims to create an architecture that responds to its surroundings and generates a rich environment with a diverse variety of functions and spaces.
Containing a Learning zone, a Park zone, and a Waterfront zone, the winning proposal is framed by the natural landscape. Lecture halls, a modern library, a winter garden, classrooms and apartments are all put together under a single complex wooden roof and bring together future specialists, teachers, and campus guests.
The main campus building, “Agora-Senezh”, named after the Greek Agora and located in the centre of the learning zone, is the key place of discussion and exchange of ideas in the city.
Called “a shelter for learning and a catalyst for progress”, the Senezh Agora connects all activities occurring in the space. Compact and flexible educational spaces accommodate modern study configurations. Placed at ground level, classrooms also promote maximum interaction and human face-to-face contact.
The park offers a wide range of outdoor and recreational activities with bike paths, hiking trails, sports fields, a concert venue, dance floor, open-air cinema and pavilions. A temporary program for the park aims to keep the space busy all year round. Finally, both the architecture and the learning experience expand towards the park, integrating the natural component in the campus.