OMA and LOLA reveal the new design development for the New Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam

OMA and LOLA Landscape Architects have created the design development for the New Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. As part of the Feyenoord City masterplan, designed to transform Rotterdam – Zuid into a well-connected and vibrant neighborhood for sports, recreation, and living, the new stadium introduces “a future-proof infrastructure for football and daily activities in the surrounding communities”. The new project is situated along the river and a highly accessible transportation node. The design maximizes performance and capacity in order to respond to the football clubs’ demands.

The stadium consists of a stand, circulation cores, structure, and functional spaces and allows a large number of visitors to move efficiently. Supported by a bowl-shaped steel structure, the stand and roof will increase the capacity to 63,000, “while placing spectators as close to the field as possible for an intimate match experience”.
The new field is an open arena with a public concourse on the main entry level, a raised square where crowds can enjoy different types of activities. With access points from the city and the river, the landscape concept generates a full-on urban connection, disturbing several slow traffic routes along the water and into the surrounding neighborhoods.

The construction of the Feyenood Stadium begins in 2022 and will be completed in 2025.