Zaha Hadid Architects to create Phase II of the International Exhibition Centre in Beijing

Zaha Hadid Architects has won the competition to create Phase II of the International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, which will significantly expand exhibition space for knowledge and exchange. Located next to the city’s Capital International Airport as a site for conferences, trade fairs and industry expos, the center will welcome local residents as and visitors from across China and around the world.

“Integrated relationships between the exhibition halls, conference center and hotel are echoed in the center’s composition, arranged as a series of interconnecting lines and geometries that take inspiration from the textures of glazed tubular ceramic tile roofs within traditional Chinese architecture.”, explained the team.

The project consists of a series of shared courtyards for informal meetings, as well as landscaped gardens, cafes and outdoor public event spaces. The future space will be column-free, flexible and adaptable to changes in exhibitions and nature of use. A composite roof will insulate the interior environment with symmetric geometries to create an efficient, lightweight large span structure. Modular fabrication and construction methods will be used also to minimize the construction time, investment and operational costs.