Kengo Kuma creates Milan’s biophilic office of the future in Milan, Italy

The construction of Kengo Kuma’s “Welcome, feeling at work”, a biophilic office of the future, has recently begun.  Commissioned by Europa Risorse, this project aims to create a workspace centered on employee health and wellbeing, integrated within its local environment. Imagined to be one of the most sustainable office development to date, the project is scheduled for 2024. Located in the Parco Lambro, in the former abandoned industrial area of Rizzoli district, in Milan, the new venture, reinterprets the concept of work, combining individual wellness and green building solution. Placing the community at the heart of the design, the project allows “the individual to access the most sophisticated technological and digital resources as well as effective measures to protect people from future pandemics”.

Milan is a city with exciting and unique combination of contemporary and tradition in art, architecture and crafts that makes the ideal ground for our work to be implemented. Our organic design approach and designing of wood can be achievable in high quality with Italian craft, said Kengo Kuma.

The building will contain a mix of uses: offices and co-working spaces, auditoriums, restaurants and lounges, shops, a supermarket, a wellness area, and exhibition spaces. Open spaces include a piazza, courtyards, and terraces. A focus on natural elements — green, light, air, and timber — is intended to “appeal to human senses make a difference in workplace, living culture for better mental, physical states, creativity, and productivity.”

“Welcome, feeling at work” features zero carbon emissions, renewable energy resources, consumption control, salvaging of water, green areas and endemic species, etc. The system of energy generation for heating and cooling, along with the vital use of solar panels, will allow the building to reach maximum sustainability levels, in a project that pre-empts the future of workspaces in a post-Covid19 era. Targeting Platinum Well certifications with a Platinum Leed energy efficiency; the project aims to become one of the most advanced eco-friendly projects in Europe.