Foster + Partners creates a new Saudi Arabian Hotel in Sand Dunes

Foster+Partners has created the design for Southern Dunes hotel in Saudi Arabia as part of The Red Sea Project tourist development on the western coast of the country.

Called Southern Dunes, will include 40 villas with asymmetric timber roofs topped with fabric and arranged  in two lines to take advantage of the view of the surrounding dunes.

The project includes a spa, reception buildings, a pool and restaurants. It will include local housing for employees on site. Communal buildings and spaces are protected by curved forms atop timber columns. In order to speed up the construction process, the project features elements that are lightweight and can be fabricated offsite.

The hotel complex will be surrounded by a remote desert landscape, aiming to be part of the world’s “most ambitious” tourism development.

Set to be built around 100 kilometres northeast of the town of Umluj, a beach town on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, the project is one of two inland hotels being built as part of The Red Sea Project, which will see a chain of around 90 uninhabited islands in the Red Sea developed into a tourist resort.

The team designed the hotel to be built using materials that are appropriate for the hotel’s desert location to reduce its dependence on artificial cooling.

The Southern Dunes hotel is set to open in 2022.