Grimshaw transforms Herman Miller Factory into Bath Spa University

Nicholas Grimshaw has released an adaptable Herman Miller factory in the 1970s, which is now being transformed by him and his team into the Locksbrook Campus for Bath Spa University.
The building, situated on the River Avon in Bath, was once created with a gridded structure and completely demountable cladding system of fibreglass, louvres and glazing. This is how Grimshaw gave the possibility to the occupants to change the position of the windows and facade panels.
Now, as part of the restoration, these wall panels are being cleaned, restored, insulated and repainted. The building’s concrete flooring will also be restored and finished with clear varnish seal.
The old factory will now include a rooftop pavilion, that will house a third storey of studio spaces.
The new project will have open floor plan and a first floor mezzanine will be constructed within the building. It will have fixed workshops, large, open studios, offices, presentation spaces and meeting places. There will also be a permanent gallery, a cafe and art shop.
The Locksbrook Campus is almost completed and will host students from September this year.