Mecanoo has won the Futian Civic Culture Center Competition

Mecanoo’s proposal has won 1st Prize in the Futian Civic Culture Center Competition. The project presents a new cultural tower for Shenzhen in a district famous with it’s density. The new building will be open to the city and bring people together with its cultural programs and social spaces.
The future 150-meter-tall tower will sit on an L-shaped base and will house various functions like three theaters, a library, exhibition halls and even a kindergarten on a separate sub-plot.
Filled with greenery and open to daylight, the new tower will be a building that breathes. Inside, the ground floor is open, with retail functions and a fully glazed facade that can be entered on all sides. This open public interior is connected with the theater lobby. A south-facing public square and a wide semi-interior east-west pedestrian passage provide pedestrian links across the site.
The tower is designed with wrapped in a uniform triangulated grid facade that flares outwards to incorporate the theaters. Scaling downwards towards the edges, the flared volume smoothly transitions between the 150m tower and the smaller scale of the kindergarten.
A roof cafe and open exhibition space above the theater, an exhibition garden lobby and a library garden are sited on a large planted atria. Shade is provided by the sky gardens which cool the public spaces. The network of atria acts as blood vessels that pump life into the building, making the journey of moving vertically into a lively urban experience.