Kunshan Grand Theater 2017

The new Kunshan Grand Theater is situated in the civic square in central Kunshan, a site bordering Qianjin Middle Road on the north and Zhujiang North Road on the east. As a reconstruction project of the former Kunshan Theater, it has become an integral part of a cultural complex, together with a library on the west, a swimming center on the south and a sports park on the southwest.
The planning feature of surrounding blocks has been adopted in the space design. The building was endowed with the concept and image of a block through the consolidation of its boundary. Curves, as a prominent feature of the building, have not only set the theme for the interior space, but also defined the feature of the building’s layered exterior platforms, which are connected by specially-designed staircases, making the platform spaces both sequential and integral. As a result, an open and welcome posture has been formed, naturally merging the building into the big picture of the landscape.