CIC – Changchun Int. Congress and Exhibition Center

The Changchun Northeast Asia International Congress and Exhibition Center is located in a business development area of Changchun, the “Airport City” not far
from the airport Changchun Longjia. According tothe planning parameters the concept planning was to take the superior functions of the Center into account,
such as: central stage of Northern Asia for political negotiations, initiator for business and trade and active center of the Airport City.
As a central north-east access and lounge zone the fair runs through a green passage which is subdivided in atria through crossings. Terraces offer space
for gastronomy and relaxation areas.

The exhibition halls are positioned in the form of a comb whose gaps serve for supply and removal as well as for assembly and dismantling of the fairs.
The area offers:
• “Twin Halls”, to be used individually or together,
• a high-rise building,
• a large convention center and several four and five star hotels