CORPOREA –  Museum of the Human Body, 2018

Located opposite the island of Nisida, the City of Science occupies 250 meters of coastline and 7 hectares of a 19th-century industrial area. Along the coast appear the spaces of the Museum area which also take in the Children’s City, a teaching area, and to the south spaces for temporary exhibitions, and northwards a wide open space. Still in the western area: the Ristobar and Offices with reception facilities. On the East flank the Congress Hall is housed, with seating for about 1000, a complex on several floors with management offices, education rooms and the BIC laboratories. Still towards the East, some minor buildings and the open-air cavea. CORPOREA, the human body museum, shows a trapezoidal plan getting thinner at each level; the sloping roof opens the perspective towards the Coroglio Mountain ant the Virgilian Park; the planetarium has a circular plan and a dome closure. A pedestrian bridge connects the Museum of Sciences, the Congress Centre and the berth for the arrival from the sea. The design follows the principles of sustainable architecture: carefully studied construction materials, rain water collection and re-use, greenery and landscape design, hybrid ventilation, sun control and light balance with green and screen shading.