LCC – Loccioni Bridge

Loccioni is a world leader for process measuring and control technology.
The company’s headquarters areais located at the bottom of a valley separated
by the river Esino, which influences the surrounding landscape through
strong level deviations. The distance between the banks is roughly 50 meters.
The maximum water level served to determine the
clear height. All elements of the bridge had to stay clear of this space.
Additionally the media connectingthe locations of the company on the two sides
of the river had to be lead through the bridge in tubes. The rusty steel protects
itself against further corrosion and shows its properties. Considering the
statically necessary dimension not the full width of the distances between the
banks is covered at once but a pillar in the water serves as an intermediate
The form and the height of the two “wings” of the bow relate to the distribution
of the forces. These wings are welded from sheet metal. The light appearance of
the “wings” is achieved through the material reductionto the minimum necessary
for the load carrying capacity. The beam is formed like a reverse fish-belly girder
whose height matches the necessary handrail.
The pillar in the river can be seen as a “joint” for the change of directions
between the two locations of the headquarters. This also explains the round
form of the support, which is neutral in direction. The central idea is not only to
reach the other side but also to create a space directly above the running water
serving as a kind of lifeline in the middle of Loccioni’s Company.