Pistoia –  Sangiorgio Library  competition, 1st prize   2007

Light has a very important role in the concept of the new library: the reading places, naturally lighted by solar chimneys and not by the usual small table lamps, have a possibility of interchange with the outside environment: not a distraction but an enrichment.

Achieved in 2007, the project expresses the principles always present in the conceptions of the practice: the need of a dialog with present and future contexts; it follows a two levels competition and is the refurbishment of a hangar on the site of ex-Breda, east part, strictly connected to the historic centre of the town. The basic structure involves three vaulted aisles covering approximately 4,000 square metres with a minimum thickness of 40 m. to be converted into a library containing about 350,000 books, 100 multimedia stations, a children library, a conference room and offices covering about 8,000 square metres.

The project redevelops the old vertical structures, introducing wide horizontal floors, redesigns the vaulted roofs with laminated wooden arches, sets a compact figure on the longitudinal fronts set back at the north and south terminals and is stripped down at the sides creating an overall image of a skeleton, drawing out the old features and breaking them down.