The CSKA Football stadium

The CSKA Football stadium for 30 000 spectators

Moscow, 3rd Peschanaya Street.


Architects: A.Bokov, D.Bush, S.Chuklov, A.Orlov, V.Valuyskikh, L.Romanova, K.Lanina, Yu.Veretennikova, A.Zolotova, E.Buzmakova, O.Gak.

Engineers: E.Bekmukhamedov, Zh.Kozlovtseva, N.Odrova.

Realized in 2016.

The CSKA football stadium is located on the border of the Khodynka field. Such a stadium is a new type of sports facilities for the Russian and European practice, in which seemingly incompatible functions are combined: a football arena for 30 000 spectators is united with an office and hotel complex.

Four stands separated by four volumes of office and hotel blocks located in the corners of the stadium are united by a single slab of the stands’ covering, which has the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid. One of the angular volumes rises above the coverage to the level of 142 meters and serves both: as a reference point for spectators moving to the stadium and as a significant element of the Khodynsky field ensemble.

The constructive solution of the stadium represents a system of guy lines with truss bars supporting the stands’ roof overhangs in the form of a hypar. The system is not only extremely effective for metal consumption abatement and safety improvement purposes, but also determines the sharp and laconic architectural solution of the facades. Such a solution derives naturally from the filigree constructive scheme.

In the facility an innovative combination of sporting and commercial functions is used.

Technical and economic data:

Building area                                   –   27 500 sq. m.

Stadium building volume

(including glazed foyers)                  – 360 000 cub. m

Total stadium area

(without service zone and stands)    –   78 000 sq. m,


  • underground zone –   40 800 sq. m
  • overground zone –   37 200 sq. m

Number of storeys:

  • overground part –            6 floors
  • underground part –         1-2 floors.