Vallecas Housing, Madrid, Spain

The provision of 97 apartments, underground parking for 100 cars and a group of kiosks was commissioned by Madrid City’s EMV Agency, for this block within the new Vallecas suburb.

In the original scheme, the intention was to create a rooftop games centre that would be balanced by a lively meeting-point by the kiosks. The underside of the block lifts so as to celebrate this urban condition. In addition there would be sophisticated sun control shutters in lively colours.

In the event, due to Spain’s financial crisis, the apartments and parking have been completed, but the special features described above have been curtailed. Shells for the future kiosks are in place.

Nonetheless the three large courts give high levels of light and ventilation and the layout of the apartments give a wide variety of outlooks for the rooms within. Profiling of the rooms create a wide range of individual nuances and thus a considerable degree of individualism to the units which are of normal statutory dimension.

This project was realized in conjunction with the office of Salvador Perez Arroyo, Madrid.